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What % Lazy Am I Quiz

What % Lazy Am I Quiz

Maybe someone has called you lazy and you think they're nuts or maybe you just feel lazy and wonder if you could be doing more.Let's find out how lazy you are by answering some questions.The test isn't based on any scientific study it's only for fun.Take the quiz to find what % lazy you are.

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You May Get Result Of What % Lazy Am I Quiz

You are 75% Lazy.
You are 60% Lazy.
You are 50% Lazy.
You are 80% Lazy.

Quiz Questions And Answers

How often do you cook yourself healthy meals?

All the time
From time to time
Almost never

How many receipts are in your wallet or purse?

A few
A crammed full

What time do you usually get up?

7 am
8 am
9 am
10 am

How many hours do you often sleep a day?

Less than 7
More than 8
More than 10
More than 12

When it comes to how well you can concentrate:

I'm good at concentrating
It's hard to, but if I can occasionally manage to
Depends on the time of the day

Do you feel hopeless or helpless?

I am hopeless
I am helpless
No,not really
Kind of,sometimes

How often do you exercise?

A few times a week
Once a week

When do you wash dishes?

The next day or later
At the end of the night

How often do you make up excuses or lie to get out of doing things you don't want to do?


How often do you clean your house?

A cleaning service does that for me
Once a week or more
Once a month or less

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What % Lazy Am I Quiz : Test Trivia

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