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Which Shane Squad Member Are You? Quiz Shane Dawson's Squad

Which Shane Squad Member Are You? Quiz Shane Dawson's Squad

Which Shane Squad Member Are You? Quiz Who are you in Shane Dawson's Squad , Are you a big fan of YouTuber Shane Dawson? Shane Dawson's Squad quiz Wondering which member of his squad you are most like? Take this quiz and find out! You could even be Shane! Things that you should know before play this quiz. This quiz is all about entertainment purpose. We all are familiar with the famous American You Tuber Shane Dawson and his friends. How about finding you as Shane or one of his teammates? First of all, let me tell you that the Shane squad consists of five creative members who are Shane Dawson, Morgan, Garrett, Ryland and Andrew. Have you ever imagined yourself as a vital member of this amazing squad? If your answer is no, then it is worth enough to play this quiz. Probably, you dreamed to become a character like Shane or Morgan.

Need to know which character suits you better? Now, you will know exactly which Shane squad character you are according to your personality, preference and some basic aspects. Initially, this quiz compares some basic details about Shane Dawson and his friends that we all know. Then gradually it relates the other information such as personal interest, views, some basic actions, caring, sharing friends and family. As you know all the members of the Shane squad. Can you guess about the character you are! We designed this quiz set (Which Shane Squad Member Are You?) to identify the right person which reflects your character. That reveals you as an important member of the team. So, have a quick look at the quiz set and provide the answer that best describes you. After that you will be able to see the character that reflects you at the end of the quiz.
This quiz is about Shane Dawson and his companions that we as a whole love. Discover your identity from this test.

You could be Shane, Morgan, Garrett, Ryland, or even Andrew (Cameraman). I made this test since Shane Dawson is one of my total most loved YouTubers and furthermore in light of the fact that I have no life. What would I be able to state I'm a young lady who cherishes Shane and every one of his friends. I would kick the bucket on the off chance that I meet them. Shane Lee Yaw, referred to expertly as Shane Dawson, is an American YouTuber, essayist, humorist, on-screen character, chief, performer, and media character. He was one of the principal individuals to ascend to distinction on the video-sharing site YouTube and has since kept up an online presence. In 2015, Dawson started his conspiracy show on YouTube, a video arrangement where he talks about an assortment of conspiracy theories. They have turned into a portion of his most-saw videos, including his 2019 web arrangement Conspiracy Series with Shane Dawson, which is two sections long that aggregate more than two hours. In late 2017, Dawson discharged his first docu-arrangement on YouTube, in which he accommodated with his harsh dad.

His most-saw docu-arrangement is about Jake Paul, Jeffree Star, and TanaCon. He has done so much and that's why I love him. He is such an awesome guy! Okay, enough chatting let's see how much you know about him because I smashed this quiz! Try to beat my score!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Select your gender...


Which word best describes you?


What do you do in your free time?

Play video game
Watch TV
Hangout with friends

Which do you prefer?

To be filmed
To do the filming

Who do you turn to for advice?

My mentor
My parents
My significant other

Which social media platform are you most active on?


Which animal would you want as a pet?


How would your friends describe you? [Shane Dawson's Squad Quiz]


How many close friends do you have? [Shane Dawson's Squad Quiz]

One or two
Three or four
Above five

Are you in a serious relationship? [Shane Dawson's Squad Quiz]


What's your sexual orientation? [Shane Dawson's Squad Quiz]


Where do you want to live? [Shane Dawson's Squad Quiz]

Los Angeles
New York City

If i dared you to do something would you then do it? [Shane Dawson's Squad Quiz]

Yes, I'm up for anything
It depends on the dare
No way!

How do you feel about exercising? [Shane Dawson's Squad Quiz]

I hit the gym
I run once a while
I wish i was fit
Not for me

Do you talk a lot? [Shane Dawson's Squad Quiz]

Yes, way too much
Pretty average
No I'm usually quiet

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Which Shane Squad Member Are You? Quiz Shane Dawson's Squad : Test Trivia

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