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Biodiversity Quiz Test

Biodiversity Quiz. Answer these questions and find out.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

the process of the replacement of one kind of community by another at a single place over a period of time.
the over growth of trees in a community
a community with abiotic and biotic factors
all living organisms in a community
attack ozone molecules in the upper atmosphere
corrode aerosol cans and release iron oxide into the atmosphere.
were once thought to be a hazard, but this now causes unnecessary expense for industry
are released by air conditioners into the groundwater.
the Earth tilts toward the sun in the summer.
increasing carbon dioxide will trap more heat
too much oxygen is now given off by plants
decomposers essential to recycling matter are being destroyed.
public meetings
senators discover the problem
scientist devise a formula to solve problem

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Biodiversity Quiz Test : Test Trivia

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