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Which Eddsworld Character Are You? Quiz

Which Eddsworld Character Are You? Quiz

Which Eddsworld Character Are You? Quiz Eddsworld is a series of animations, comics, and games created by the late Edd Gould. Which of the characters are you most like? Take this quiz and find out now! It is a british animated comedy web series. It was made by the famous United Kingdom comedian Edd Gould firstly in 2003. However eddsworld shutdown in2012 for some reasons but it still has its own charm in the major proportion of the society. So which Eddsworld character are you? Are you Edd who is in the main lead or you are Tom who has some relation with the demons. So lets play this entertaining quiz and try to predict which eddsworld character are you?

Eddsworld is a British teenage/adult animated comedic web series of flash animations, comics, and flash games created by Edd Gould
Eddsworld character are tord, tom
Edd (based on Edd Gould) – Edd wears a green hoodie and is obsessed with cola and bacon. ... Tom (based on Thomas Ridgewell) – Tom wears a blue hoodie. ... Matt (based on Matt Hargreaves) – Matt wears a purple hoodie and a green overcoat and is vain, ginger and gullible.
Is Tord a real name? Modern form of Þórðr, a Scandinavian name which is a combination of the elements ÞOR ("Thor") + friðr (peace, love.) Tord Boontje, Dutch designer. Tord Gustavsen, Norwegian jazz pianist.
Eddsworld trivia is best for fun and you can find Which eddsworld character am i, play the quiz find out your character.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

I yell at them
I simply ignore them
I kill them with kindness
I say something more mean to them
Punk shag
I will wish for lots of money!
I would wish for world peace
I will wish for the ability to cure sickness
I will wish for the ability to fly
As a leader
As a follower
Run for your life!!!
Pull out a gun and fight
Find a place to hide and camp
Yes, i like talking
Only when I'm with my close friends
No... I'm the quiet type
I will take on a bully face to face
I don't want to get hurt, i'd rather avoid him
I'll report him to the authorities
Plead for your life
Pull out a gun and shoot
Early morning
I will run away and hide
I will start crying right there
I will try to stay calm and silent
I will laugh with them
I got Tom!! I relate to him alot anyway
Answer By: Mia
Answer On: 02-May-2020
wait me tom how and why
Answer By: Matilda
Answer On: 16-Apr-2020
i got tom omg i love him.....he is so handsome
Answer By: alexthegalaxyhuskyyt
Answer On: 15-Apr-2020
I got Matt. can't even relate to him lol
Answer By: Poopscoop
Answer On: 09-Jan-2020
Awfullllllll!!!!!!!!!!! I mean...Matt is so cool but i really exepted Tord because i really like him.:(
Answer By: Teodora
Answer On: 09-Jul-2019
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Which Eddsworld Character Are You? Quiz : Test Trivia

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