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What % Compatible Are You and Your Boo?

What % Compatible Are You and Your Boo?

A loving relationship is about happiness,growth,maturity and of course,chemistry.That "spark" that you feel when your boo texts or calls you.That warm feeling of joy when they surprise you with gifts.Take the quiz and get your result easily.

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You May Get Result Of What % Compatible Are You and Your Boo?

You and your boo are 25% compatible.
You and your boo are 50% compatible.
You and your boo are 75% compatible.
You and your boo are 100% compatible.

Quiz Questions And Answers

how long have you and your boo been dating?

Over 3 years
Between 1-3 years
Between 6 months and 1 year
Less than 6 months

Have you two said " I Love You" to each other?

Yes,we both have
I did,but he or she haven't yet
He or she did,but I haven't yet

How many times during the week do you see your boo?

Almost every day
A few days a week
It's more like a few days a month
It's more like a few times a year

Do you and your boo have similar hobbies and interests?

For the most part yes
It depends on the hobby
No,not really

Do you two ever get jealous of each other?

Not too often
It depends on the situation
Yes,all the time

Who handles the financial matters in the relationship?

We both do
I do
He or she does
Neither one of us does

Is your boo the person you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Yes,without a doubt
I think so
I'm not really sure
No,I don't think so

What do you love the most about your boo?

Their kindness
Their humor
Their determination
Their good looks

What's the biggest thing that you look for in a relationship?


What comes first for you: your job or your boo?

My boo
My job
Both of these matter equally to me
Neither one is that important

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What % Compatible Are You and Your Boo? : Test Trivia

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