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Last Chance U Lancy - Quiz

Last Chance U Lancy - Quiz

This Netflix original series follows college football teams that aren't major programs and don't get much national attention. After a couple seasons of profiling recruits at East Mississippi Community College, which has won several NJCAA national titles, the reality series shifts its focus to Independence Community College. The Kansas school doesn't have the same type of gridiron pedigree as EMCC -- it's trying to rebound from more than a decade of losses -- but the players are dealing with many of the same challenges that the EMCC squad faced -- both on and off the field.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

what is the name of fifth season coach ?

john Beam
jason brown
buddy stepehen

what are the star players of netflix's Last Chance U Laney season 1?

Roland Ollie, john Franklin III, Gary McCrae, Wyatt Roberts,
Isaiah Wright,Brooks Shannon,Dakotta Allen
Jason Brown, Jermaine Johnson, Mailk Henry

Who composed the music for last chance u Laney series?

Yuri Tomanek, adam, joseph minadeo,
adamlebowittz, joseph, minadeo
malik hery , doi walker scott, R.J.stern

The first episode was released in Last chance U laney?

july 13, 2015
july 29,2016
july 28, 2016

which place is located in foruth season of Last Chance u Laney?

Laney college
Independence Community college

Where is Laney college Located?

Scooba, Missisippa, USA
East of downoakland

what is Buddy stephens salary?


Can you name the players from Last Chance U?

D.J. Law
John Scott

How many episodes of last chance of U Laney Netflix?


who directed Last chance U Laney ?

Jason Brown, Roland Ollie
brooks Shannon,Dakota Allen
Greg Whiteley, Adam Ridley, Luke Lorentzen

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