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Is He Interested In Me Quiz

Is He Interested In Me Quiz

You catch him looking at you...then he looks away.And it seems like lately,he's always around.Coincidence-or does this guy like you?If you're wondering let's take the quiz and get the result.

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You May Get Result Of Is He Interested In Me Quiz

He is not interested in you.
He is not interested in you.
Yes ye is interested in you.
Yes ye is interested in you.

Quiz Questions And Answers

How old are you?

10-11 years
15-17 years

How does he look at you?

When he looks at me,he always smiles
He looks into my eyes until something interrupts him
He doesn't look at me
He looks at me normally

Has he ever initiated a conversation with you?

Yes,but it's always about work/school
Yes,he has! He often does
No,he hasn't

When he accidentally bumps you,what does he say?

He quickly says Sorry or Oops
He just apologizes or looks at me with a guilty face
He laughs

When you are together with other boys,how does she react?

He quickly looks at you a few times
He looks at you almost all the time
He does not even notice

Has he ever touched yo?

Yes,but accidentally I think
Yes, a few times
Yes,he has a lot!
No,he hasn't

When you enter the room or go and stand next to him in a queue,etc.Does he notice that you come,or move closer to you?

Yes,he quickly looks at me
Yes and greets me

Has he ever offered you something?


Does he react strangely when you're around?

Yes,he fidgets and preens a lot
No,he's totally normal
I'm never around him

Has he ever complimented you?

Yes,but I had to read between the lines
Yes,but it wasn't something special
No,not really

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Is He Interested In Me Quiz : Test Trivia

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