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Animal Structure, Function, and Behavior Quiz Test

Animal Structure, Function, and Behavior Quiz Test

Cell Structure & Function Quiz. Answer these questions and find out.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Animals have a _______ system consisting of a mouth, esophagus, stomach, intestine, rectum, and anus.


In the human stomach, _______ are digested by the enzyme, pepsin, and most ______ are killed by the low pH from HCl.

proteins, bacteria
starch, amoebas
proteins, fungi
starch, fungi

In humans, the pancreas produces ____ which regulates the level of ____ in the blood.

glucagon, starch
insulin, glucose
epinephrine, glycogen
amylase, glucose

All cells need oxygen for aerobic respiration. To obtain this oxygen, aquatic animals use _____ while terrestrial animals use ____.

lungs, gills
gills, lungs
air bladders, lungs
air bladders, gills

In the alveolus of humans, ____ enters the blood and ____ exits the blood.

oxygen, carbon dioxide
carbon dioxide, oxygen
nitrogen, oxygen
oxygen, water

In humans, blood travels to the heart in ____ and away from the heart in _____.

veins, arteries
arteries, veins

The excretory system of humans includes the ______ where nitrogenous wastes are removed from the blood, and essential water and salts are resorbed.


The largest organ in the human body is the ___, a part of the _____ system which gets rid of excess water and salts.

skin, excretory
liver, excretory
stomach, digestive
intestine, excretory

To react to external stimuli, animals have a _____ system made up of nerve cells or _____.

excitatory, ganglia
nervous, neurons
sensory, epidermal cells
circulatory, alveoli

In humans, neurons are cells composed of a cell body, dendrites, and axons. Information is transmitted by neurotransmitters which travel from the _____ of one cell to the ____ of

axons, dendrites
dendrites, axons

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Animal Structure, Function, and Behavior Quiz Test : Test Trivia

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