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Which Psychological Archetype Are You?

Which Psychological Archetype Are You?

A few years before the Myers-briggs personally test dropped their personality types on the world.Carl Jung had already nailed them down.Unlike the 16 types found in the MBTI test,Jung's test had 12 different archetypes.Let's take the quiz and find your result.

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You May Get Result Of Which Psychological Archetype Are You?

You are The Persona.
You are The Shadow.
You are The Anima or Animus.
You are The Self.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Can you censor your thoughts before they fly out of your mouth?

I tend to keep thoughts to myself
I was born without a filter
It depends on the situation

Should pizza crusts be eaten or left on the plate?

Eat them!
It depends on the type of crust
Leave them on the plate

Could you survive a week without social media?

That sounds like heaven
I could last a few days
No,I would suffer from severe FOMO

Are you romantic enough to believe that you have a soulmate?

I keep hoping it's a real thing
I know it's true
i don't buy it

How would you describe your usual sense of humor?

dark and devious
Light-hearted and silly
Sarcastic and witty

Do you plan out what you're doing the next day,or do you wing it?

I totally wing it
I have detailed schedule
Every day is the same

In your opinion,what's your best physical feature?

My eyes
My buns
My legs
My nose

Which of your personality traits pretty much defines you?

My wild streak
My sense of inventiveness
My loyal nature
My brains

What part of your life would you rate near perfect?


What kind of smart would you give yourself credit for being?

People smart
Book smart
Numbers smart
Emotionally smart

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Which Psychological Archetype Are You? : Test Trivia

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