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Which The Walking Dead Character Are You? Quiz

Rick and his group of survivors have been through a lot,and not just with the walkers.There are terrible humans out there,some trying to take and control what they shouldn\'t. Let\'s take the quiz and find the result of yours. The walking dead series is around - In the wake of a zombie apocalypse, various survivors struggle to stay alive. As they search for safety and evade the undead, they are forced to grapple with rival groups and difficult choices.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Police officer
Art curator
Stay-at-home parent
Get your family
Get out of town
Stock up on some weapons
The coast
The city
The forest
A family heirloom
A picture album
A gun
Food and water
Medical supplies
Shoot it
Cut off its head
Stab it
Leave it alone
The Governor
Terminus hunters
The walkers
Father Gabriel

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Which The Walking Dead Character Are You? Quiz : Test Trivia

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