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Quiz: Am I More Like Spider-Man or Mysterio?

Quiz: Am I More Like Spider-Man or Mysterio?

Well,"Spider-Man:Far From Home" happened to be the last MCU movie for our for our Spidey and seems like he won't ever return home. So, one last tribute to him with this quiz; take it, and it will tell you whether you are like our friendly neighbor Spider-Man or master manipulator Mysterio!

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You May Get Result Of Quiz: Am I More Like Spider-Man or Mysterio?

You are not like Spider-Man.
You are not like Mysterio.
You are more like Mysterio.
You are more like Spider-Man.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Which subject is your favorite?

Martial Arts
Digital art,animation and computer effects

On a scale of 1-10,how much can you lie to get something done? 1-Extremely honest 10-extremely lier


If you are continually defeated by someone over and over again,does it make you feel depressed?

Yeah, a little but can't just give up
I don't feel anything! just let it go.

Let's suppose,you have an enemy who you want to take down at your own,but someone stronger than you shows up against your enemy.What would you do?

Hmm..That would be my advantage!
I will destroy his other enemy first than go for after mine.
I don't want to be any part of this now!

If you were offered to work in a science fiction movie,what would you do?

Yes! I am totally in
Naah,I am cool watching it but can't work-in
My life is a science fiction movie...So, don't ask me! Please

Can you convince someone to do you a favor easily?

Yes! Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy
Well,I sometimes succeed but not always
It totally depends upon the situation

If you had to bring someone from X-Men to deal with a threat of your world,which one would you bring on?

Scarlet Witch

Do you believe in revenge?

Yes! I do
I sometimes have mixed feelings about it.
No man! I don't

What do you do for fun?

Video games with my friends
Mostly weird stuff

Can you commit a crime for the sake of others?

Only for my own sake
Yeah,but depends upon the people
If it's the only option left,then sure

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Quiz: Am I More Like Spider-Man or Mysterio? : Test Trivia

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