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How To Be More Seductive?

Wondering how to be seductive without overdoing it or being way too subtle? Seduction isn’t referred to as an art without reason. It's a craft you must master. Take this quiz we'll guide you on what to do.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Less than 18
18 - 21
Over 21
It's complicated
I want to be more seductive in public
I want to be more seductive in private
I have someone in mind, my significant other.
I just want to be seductive in general
Play video games
Read a book
Read new online
Play sports
Listen to music
Yes!!! *sobs*
No. We broke up for a different reason.
I've never been in a relationship
I'll do it online
I'm going to do it in person
I'm tall
I'm average height
I'm short
I'm actually a shy person
I'm quite an outgoing person
Oftentimes Boyish
Oftentimes Feminine
I'll rather use words
I'll prefer actions u
Either or the two. Along as it works.

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How To Be More Seductive? : Test Trivia

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