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Cell Processes Quiz

Cell Processes Quiz

Cell Processes Quiz. Answer these questions and find out.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

The process of capturing energy from sunlight and converting it into glucose is known as ___________. Answer the question.

aerobic respiration
anaerobic respiration

Glucose is metabolized to pyruvate, with the production of ATP, in a process known as ____ which occurs in the cell's _______. Answer the question.

glycolysis, cytoplasm
aerobic respiration, cytoplasm
anaerobic respiration, mitochondria
glycolysis, mitochondria

Pyruvate is converted to _______, which is metabolized by the Kreb's cycle in the _______. Answer the question.

acetyl CoA, mitochondria
glucose, cytoplasm
ATP, electron transport system
lactate, mitochondria

During oxidation of acetyl-CoA in the Kreb's cycle, electrons are transferred first to NAD+ to make NADH. These electrons are next transferred through the ______

electron transport system, ATP
electron transport system, glucose
plasma membrane, ADP
nuclear membrane, ATP

Production of ATP via the Kreb's cycle and the electron transport system is known as __________ respiration, and requires _______ as the final acceptor of electrons.

aerobic, oxygen
anaerobic, oxygen
aerobic, carbon dioxide
aerobic, water

Replication of DNA is essential for new life. This process takes place in the ___________. Answer the question.

plasma membrane
Golgi bodies

Protein synthesis takes place in the __________ on the _______. Answer the question.

ribosomes, rough endoplasmic reticulum
ribosomes, plasma membrane
Golgi bodies, rough endoplasmic reticulum
lysosomes, nuclear membrane

The removal of electrons from a molecule is called _______, and is an __________ reaction. Answer the question.

oxidation, exergonic
oxidation, endergonic
reduction, exergonic
reduction, endergonic

Protein synthesis is one example of _______ metabolism, the synthesis of new biomolecules using stored energy such as ATP. Answer the question.


Life forms near thermal vents at the bottom of the ocean utilize ______ instead of ______ as the terminal electron acceptor in the production of ATP. Answer the question.

sulfur, oxygen
sulfur, oxygen
water, oxygen
salt, oxygen

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Cell Processes Quiz : Test Trivia

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