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Immune System Quiz Test

Immune System Quiz Test

Immune System Quiz. Answer these questions and find out.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

to work with the Nervous System
to protect the body from germs
to digest food
germs and viruses
Immune System
overactive bladder
all of the above
they kill germs and keep them out of the body
when the body sweats it helps the Immune System
the produce germs that the Immune System fights
When germs do find a way into the body, what helps find and kill them?
red blood cells
white blood cells
lymph nodes
blood vessels
red blood cells
the body starts to feel better
the two systems do not work together
white blood cells help to find and kill germs before you are sick
the blood circulates the germs out of the body

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Immune System Quiz Test : Test Trivia

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