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Which Derry Girl am I Quiz

Which Derry Girl am I Quiz

With Season 3 of Derry Girls on the way, there's plenty of time for you to test which adult from the show you are and ... PERSONALITY TEST: Which adult from Derry Girls are you? ... QUIZ: Can you guess the TV series from the intro lyrics?

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You May Get Result Of Which Derry Girl am I Quiz

Sister michale
Erin Quinn
Clare Devlin
You are your own

Quiz Questions And Answers

Do you have any interest in drugs?

No but I might say that I do to sound cool
Not my vibe
I do them on a night out

What phrase best describes your approach to school?

Had to be done
Not really bothered

You’re in trouble in school. What happened?

Got caught stealing
Daydreaming in class
Somebody else landed you in trouble

Do you loath the French?

Meh, no real feelings on it

At a party, you would most likely be?

Having fun but quietly studying the room
Chating with my friends

What would be your favourite job from the list below?


What’s your attitude to group work?

I get stressed if other people are slacking off
I just do my bit and don't care about the result
Prefer to work on my own

You get in trouble and the teacher gives out to you. How do you handle it?

Very apologetic
Apologise but you really don't mean it
Get annoyed but stay calm

What are your feelings towards the Orange Order?

Not a fan
Tolerate them
Have no strong feelings at all

What character suits you?

Sister Michale
Erin Quinn
Clare Devlin

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Which Derry Girl am I Quiz : Test Trivia

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