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Cellular Functions of Organic Compounds Quiz Test

Cellular Functions of Organic Compounds Quiz. Answer these questions and find out.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

macromolecules which have carbonyls as a sole functional group
polar and hydrophobic.
nonpolar and hydrophobic.
polar and hydrophilic.
nonpolar and hydrophilic.
glucose and sucrose.
glucose and fructose.
starch and glycogen
chitin and glycogen.
starch and cellulose.
chitin and glycogen.
chitin and starch.
chitin and cellulose.
those that make up the cell membrane of fungi
vertebrate lung and kidney cells
vertebrate liver and muscle cells
cells that make up vascular and cardiac tissue
one molecule of water is removed in the joining two monomers.
a molecule of water is added to split large molecules.
there is a greater concentration of hydroxide ions than hydrogen ions.
there is a greater concentration of hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions.
two monomers are joined by removing one molecule of water.
water is added to split large molecules.
sucrose is broken into two monomers of glucose.
a buffer fails to change the pH of a substance.
is water-soluble (will dissolve in water).
is always inorganic.
is not water-soluble (will not dissolve in water).
has at least two isomers.
are considered polymers.
have a 3:1 ratio of carbon : hydrogen
have a 1:2:2 ratio of carbon : hydrogen : nitrogen
have a 1:2:1 ratio of carbon : hydrogen : oxygen
glandular tissue.
the muscle tissue of vertebrates.
epithelial tissue of humans.
exoskeleton of animals such as cockroaches and crabs.

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Cellular Functions of Organic Compounds Quiz Test : Test Trivia

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