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Am I a Vampire? Quiz

Am I a Vampire? Quiz

Have you been feeling a little off lately? Like maybe something's not quite right? Ordering your steaks extra, extra bloody? Play this quiz Am I a Vampire? and find out the answer. A vampire is a creature from folklore that subsists by feeding on the vital essence of the living. In European folklore, vampires are undead creatures.

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You May Get Result Of Am I a Vampire? Quiz

Nope, not normal for a vampire.
You May not be a Vampire
It's possible, but we need more evidence.
Yes, you could definitely be a vampire.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Why do you think you're a vampire?

I crave blood.
I don't like the sun.
People tend to gravitate toward me.

If a vampire was about to bite you, which body part would you want them to bite?

My wrist
My neck
Anywhere is okay

Which of these items traditionally worn by a vampire do you think you'd add to your wardrobe?

A brooch
A three-piece suit
I don't like any of these.

The police have been alerted to the existence of a vampire in your neighborhood. How do you react?

I'm not surprised at all.
I prepare myself for a fight.
I am a little more cautious when walking around at night.

As a vampire, you sometimes need to get a little creative to get your food. What way would you use to improvise a meal?

I'd go to a blood bank.
I'd probably drink animal blood.
I'd ration my food out, skipping meals.

Werewolves are the sworn enemies of vampires. What would you do if you came across one?

Tell everyone I knew that I met one
I'd act surprised then avoid it from then on out.
Befriend it

Vampires have several different forms that they can shift into. What form sounds the most appealing to you?


While tying your shoes, you discover a knot in one of the laces. What do you do?

I untangle it.
I get a new lace.
I cut the knot out.

When traveling to a new home, some vampires need to have the soil from their homeland with them. If you're on vacation, do you tend to pack everything in your home?

No, I leave some room for my companions if they need it.
I pack a lot, but not everything.

If you ever were to run into a vampire's servant, you'd realize that they're just as creepy as their dark master. How many servants do you want to have?

Over 10
One at the most
Maybe five

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