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Why Am I Tired? Quiz

Why Am I Tired? Quiz

There are so many reasons why a person becomes tired. Would you like to know why you are tired today? Find out and take this quiz to sort out why you need rest. Feeling tired all the time? Let me first clear if you are a teenager then this thing is common in the people of your age. But if you are a young person and feel tired all the time then behind it there are many causes, like depression may be you are suffering from earlier stages of depression as it is one of the symptoms if you are experiencing it then you should meet a doctor. Another cause of feeling tired is the messed routine which is very common in today\'s generation. People used to sleep late at night and then feel tired the whole day. Maybe you are doing your job and any other work consistently, it can be the cause of tiredness. So let’s play this entertaining quiz and try to find out the actual cause of your tiredness..!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What is the usual time you sleep during the night?

Usually sleeps very early like 7 or 8.
Depends if I am still out hanging with friends.
I sleep very late due to my work.
I don't sleep during the night because I am nocturnal.

Do you exercise during the morning?

Nope. No time for it.
Yeah. I jog every morning.
Sometimes when I am too busy.
I sleep the whole day.

When was the last time that you think you are full of strength?

That was in my Kindergarten years because I don't need to write lengthy assignments.
I guess when I have my Fiji vacation.
During weekends of course. No work, all sleep.
My life are all tiresome.

What is your usual food after a tiring day?

A cup of milk and chocolate chips.
I treat myself with one whole pizza with lots of pepperoni melted in cheese delight.
I don't eat at all.
Something warm.

What do you do when you feel that you are seriously tired?

Have a spa massage.
Ask for a surrender and sleep all day.
A nice warm bath.
Easy. I sleep.

Are you grumpy when you are stress?

Yeah.. I became short tempered.
Of course.
Not at all. Just the normal me.
If I am pissed off while on a groggy tired phase, I become violent.

Do you prefer coffee or tea?

I prefer both.
I can sometimes with tea but I am more on the coffee.
I don't like anything with caffeine so I'll go with tea.
I don't drink any of those.

How long do you sleep a day?

4-6 Hour
6-8 Hour
More than 8 Hour

Do you like gym ?

Yes, I do
No, I don't

Are you feeling sleepy?


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Why Am I Tired? Quiz : Test Trivia

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