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am i insane quiz

am i insane quiz

Have you ever questioned whether you're insane or not? (I mean, you're looking at an insanity test, lol!) If your answer is, "Who hasn't?" or if it's ever crossed your mind even once, take this insanity test! And please don't be insulted if you test insane. This is all in fun and I don't even know you!:-)

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Yes, all the time
Only when I'm lonely
What does your hair look like? Clean, shiny and well-styled
Straight and nice
I'm bald
Classical, 16th-century music
1980s or Early 1900s
Yeah, that's all they ever tell me I can be annoying at times, bu
Sometimes I get on people's nerves for the fun of it
I can be annoying at times, but i try not to be
Lash out and scream the place down
Get in a mood and lock myself in my room
Shout loudly at the person I'm mad at
Try to be calm down
Yes. I am a perfectionist
When it comes to certain things, I am obsessive
Sometimes, moderately
I tend to refer to boys as "love" and girls as "sweetie"
Sometimes I say "Kid"
Occasionally, when I see a baby
Yes, I know that you know that I know that you know that I know that you know....LOL!
Yeah, I know - that you're weird
Can we move on?
I am very shy, very timid, and I never shout
No, it's quite quiet
Only as loud as a normal person's
I'm telling my mother!
Enquire politely

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