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Am I in the Friend Zone? Quiz

Am I in the Friend Zone? Quiz

Sometimes when you try to get to know someone you suddenly find yourself smack in the middle of a solid friendship. And while most people value friendship, being "friend zoned" can be frustrating when your only intention was to date the person. Take this quiz to determine if you're actually in the "friend zone" or if there's hope for love or romance in the future.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

"I think we're spending too much time together."
"I wish I could find someone like you to date."
"You're such a good friend!"
I've tried to touch them and was told to stop.
We never touch each other.
A lot - we hug regularly and sometimes even hold hands.
They say we'd make a great couple.
They tell me the other person wants to be with me but doesn't know how to tell me.
We don't have any mutual friends.
Yes, but I don't think it will last.
Yes, and it seems like a solid relationship.
Yes, we talk about our attractions to other people.
They will acknowledge when someone else is attractive, but don't talk further about it.
No, but they say I am attractive.
Only if it's really important
Every favor he/she asks is really important
Not really
Sometimes it's me.
Me - it's always me.
They never initiate contact with me.
They are the first person to offer me help when I need it.
No - we've never really helped each other with anything.

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