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Is My Crush Into Me?

Is My Crush Into Me?

Wanna know if your crush is into you !!! Are you frustrate about it !! are you getting confused? So, basically crush is the person whom you like too much without any reason. So if you are confused about it then this quiz is for you go and answer the simple question to find it out.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Sometimes I catch him....
A pretty short amount of time
Not at all
As long as he can while not seeming like a stalker
Yes, she/he is single!
No, she/he is in a relation.
He/she smile at me sometimes.
Nothing really, now that you mention it.
yeah, i do. He/she also replies often.
He/she always text me.
we both talk sometimes.
Yes, all the time
I'm not sure

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Is My Crush Into Me? : Test Trivia

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