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Am I an Alpha Male?

Am I an Alpha Male?

Are you the guy who gets invited to all the parties? Who's liked and respected by everyone? Who other guys would love to be and who has plenty of friends - plus COUNTLESS girls chasing him? Or are you a beta who could do more with your life and could use more friends?:( Find out now!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Friends? Who needs 'em - I have the Internet!
A few
Many good ones I can depend on when times are tough
People I hang out with
People I use - and who use me - to get through this craphole called life
People who are similar to me whom I like and love to spend time with
A few. OK, fine! Like one
Many, I'm nice to everyone
Who needs female friends when you have male ones?
Looks are everything. If you don't have a handsome face, your genes aren't meant to be passed on
They definitely matter to most people, but they're not everything
Looks only matter if you think they matter.
I hang out with friends and do cool stuff. YOLO, right?
Pursue my passions, whatever they might be. I really enjoy my hobbies
Stay at home, go online and play some games. Life is meant to be chill
Ignore it - it's not worth my time
Post a negative comment back - no one talks crap about me without consequences
Ask him/her why they said it; i.e., try to solve the problem
Never. Everyone is different. I try to make friends with as many different kinds of people as possible
Never, because if I did, I would have no friends
All the time

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Am I an Alpha Male? : Test Trivia

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