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Am I like Emma Watson ?

Do you think like Harry Potter star Emma Watson? Come on over, lend us a few minutes of your time, and you can find out!!! These simple questions can give you an idea of some personality traits you share with this lovely young lady!!! Want to find how alike you and Emma Watson are? Brain twin or complete opposite? Just answer a few questions and you'll know!!! You never know, you may be the next breakout star with a great personality!!!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Yes! I love to learn.
Maybe, just for the experience.
More school? Are you kidding me? NO WAY.
Of course! It expresses who I am.
Naw, I don't really pay attention to it.
Yeah, why not?
No, it'll ruin my reputation.
I am who I am, if they don't like it, then who gives a damn?
I try to keep up a good amount of friends.
Er... I might exaggerate to make some friends...
Raid the fridge.
Go out with my friends.
Annoying paparazzi.
We'll see what happens, I'm no fortune teller.
Yeah, why not?
No way, I don't see myself ever smoking. EVER.
Duh! Who doesn't?!
Erm... sure...
Naw, I don't care.
The world. Without it, my life would be so different.
Not much, I liked the movies, but that's all.
What's that?
All day, everyday.
Only weekends and afternoons.
Almost never.

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