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Am I Going Crazy?

Am I Going Crazy?

Am I Crazy? Quiz. Crazy refers to mad, especially as manifested in wild or aggressive behaviour,extremely enthusiastic or a mad person.Around us so many crazy friends who are very enthusiastic in any kind of matter whatever it is.Let's get the quiz and find the result that you are crazy or not.

The term "crazy" is a colloquial adjective that is commonly used to describe something or someone that is perceived as being mentally unstable, irrational, or unusual. However, it is important to note that the term "crazy" is often considered offensive and stigmatizing when used to refer to people who have actual mental health conditions.

It is important to understand that mental health issues are complex and can affect individuals in different ways. Using the term "crazy" to describe someone with mental health challenges can be hurtful and insensitive, and may contribute to further stigma and discrimination against people with mental health conditions.

It is important to use respectful and compassionate language when discussing mental health issues and to seek to understand and support those who may be struggling with mental health challenges.

How Do I Know Am I Crazy Personality Test

Here are some signs that may indicate a person is crazy

  1. Extreme changes in mood or behavior
  2. Delusions or hallucinations
  3. Difficulty coping with daily activities or responsibilities
  4. Unusual or bizarre beliefs or behaviors
  5. Inability to control impulses or actions
  6. Withdrawal from social activities or relationships
  7. Changes in sleeping or eating patterns
  8. Difficulty communicating effectively with others
  9. Substance abuse or addiction
  10. Aggressive or violent behavior
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You May Get Result Of Am I Going Crazy?

You are not going crazy.
You are not going crazy.
Yes you are going crazy.
Yes you are going crazy.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Why are you taking this quiz?

For a joke
Because I am bored
Because I worry about my mental health
Because someone told me to

Are you talking to yourself nowadays?

All the time
Sometimes but when I realize I stop
I don't think so
No,I never talk to myself

How many friends do you have?

One or two
I have no friends
I have a small group of friends,the normal amount
Do I class my pet as my friend

Are your parents telling you that they are worried about you?

Yes all the time
Yes they are worried,I spend so much time alone
No,they have nothing to be worried about
No,they don't really care about me

I can read people's mind


I believe in unicorns:

Not sure

This is not the first crazy test I have taken:


Do you ever hear voices in your head?

Yes,but it's just my other personality
I can't even think voices are so loud
Do you mean my regular thoughts?

What is your favourite movie genre?


You are invited to a party.You:

Ask if your invisible friends can come too
Have anxiety attack to go a party alone
Politely decline you have other plans

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Am I Going Crazy? : Test Trivia

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