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Am I to Needy? Quiz

Am I to Needy? Quiz

Do you constantly need things from others? Do you cling to friends and family without letting go? Find out if you're actually a needy person with this quiz right now. Always feel helpless or depend on others? If yes then definitely people called you needy. If you have a hobby to ask for help all the time for others to change it, If you find yourself unable to do any work alone , to go out alone, unable to make decisions alone, then definitely ask yourself am I needy or not? All these things start from childhood. What happened actually in starting if you are the younger child in the family then all the responsibilities carried out by the elders. Due to this, the younger child finds themself unable to make decisions and he/she requires some other to help. On the other side some people used to borrow things even though they have their own but they were so used to it, they ask it from others. So let’s play this entertaining quiz if you gave the same question from yourself. So let’s play..!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

All-day, every day
I don't care
Sometimes i do
Not usually
Very loud
All the time
I think I'm average
Hours a day
I do everyhing with my family
Not a whole lot
I don't
Avoid at all costs
Tehy are happen

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