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Am I Fit?

Am I Fit?

When you walk into your favorite fitness center and look around, do you wonder how you stack up physically against everyone else that's there? Find out how fit you are by taking this quiz!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

3-5 days a week
I do not go to gym
No pets for me
I have a dog
I like cats
Everything fits right
Yes pretty much
No, some are a little tight
I try to do both
I always take the stairs
I am too lazy to take stairs
I am on a few different teams
For fun sometimes
I do not like sports
If i am with other people
I try to walk everyday
I do not like to walk
We have an annual trip
We have done that, but it is not regular
I do not like hiking
Not since i was kid
I have one in garage
Like a chimney
Only in social gathering

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Am I Fit? : Test Trivia

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