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Which sign of the Chinese zodiac are you?

Which sign of the Chinese zodiac are you?

Just like the astrological zodiac, the Chinese zodiac also has 12 signs. Rather than each month having a sign, however, the Chinese zodiac assigns an animal to each year. Which one are you?

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Quiz Questions And Answers

I'm not sure, but I do read my horoscopes.
No, it's all silly.
I believe in Chinese astrology more than other astrology.
I would give it some thought before taking action.
I would confront the issue.
I would let things play out.
Sweet and Sour Pork.
Gong Bao Chicken.
General Tso's Chicken.
Year of the Dog.
Year of the Tiger.
Year of the Pig.
Guava Candy.
Lychee Candy.
The Great Wall.
Terracotta Army.
Forbidden City.
Bok Choy.
Choy Sum.
Snow Peas.

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Which sign of the Chinese zodiac are you? : Test Trivia

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