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Am I Your Crush?

Am I Your Crush?

Every girl or boy has a crush on someone.When you attract by someone's beauty is called crushed on that person or may a particular thing of that person.Let's find out that do you have crush on me and have a fun.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Yes, I like fashionable boys
I think you are over smart.
Damn,no way I like simple boys.
No,talkative boys are cheaters
Umm,Sounds cool not bad
May be
Say no,but inside wondering
Say yes and crazy about you
Italian food
Japanese food
Mexican food
Whatever you are the thing is that you're pure hearted
That doesn't make any sense
No way,you have to give a lot of time
Feeling uneasy
Make eye contact
Can't make eye contact
Let the police to handle it
Find and save me!
Cry and hope that I'm found soon!
All the time
No never
Yes goodness
I have no idea
Not that I can recall
Time to time

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Am I Your Crush? : Test Trivia

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