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Do I Need Braces?Quiz

Do I Need Braces?Quiz
To strengthen your teeth braces is needed. Some people haven't parallel teeth they also need braces to solve the problem.Let's find out yours.
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Quiz Questions And Answers

A small one
Yes,It's huge
I have normal bite
Yes I have
No I haven't
I have a normal bite
Kind of
Yes they are
Not at all
They are normal
They are little crowded
No,there are huge gaps
No,my teeth are perfectly placed
Yes,they are very crowded
Yes,they have gaps
My teeth are placed perfectly
No,they haven't enough gaps
They are crowded
I love it
I've seen worse
No,I hate it
May be
Yes but I don't think I need to go
No but I still think my teeth are bad
Several of them
No,of course not
My teeth are horrible
Couple of them but not a big deal

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