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Am i lazy Quiz

Am i lazy Quiz

Have you ever wondered if you're really a lazy or active person? Does everyone keep calling you lazy when you think you're really active, or do they call you hyper, when you think you're really a relaxed person? Well, take this test to find out if you're lazy or active!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Get up, stretch, take a shower, and do some morning exercises.
Keep sleeping for 5 more minutes or so...
Get up slowly, and drag yourself to the shower.
I would take ALL of them! I just LOVE sports!
Ugh! I hate sports! No way! I'm not going to take any sport!
let's see... lots of choices... maybe I'll take basketball or volleyball or tennis...
Clean up everythig! From unmade bed to wall stains. And maybe do some redecorating after!
Ignore it. You'll clean it... eventually...
Leave it. I never clean my room! Cleaning sucks.
Sleep in...
Meet up with some friends and do some fun activities together like paintball!
Definitely not slacking around! I'll do anything active, like go for jog, take my dog for a walk, go to my kickboxing le
No way! Why don't you do it? Go ask someone else to do it!"
Sure thing. I'll deliver it to him/her sooner or later if I see him/her."
"Totally! I'll deliver this to him/her immediately! Anything else I could do for you?"
Sleep... and food.
Sigh, then attempt to do a few physical activities to lose that extra weight.
Shrug and do nothing about it.
Gasp, then go outside for a jog.
Fruit juice
Diet coke

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