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How Well Do I Know My Girl Friend?Quiz

How Well Do I Know My Girl Friend?Quiz

Everyone knows her girl friend well.But how much do you know it's a big question.To know this let's play this game and make a fun.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Uh, may be
Umm, of course
Yes I am pretty sure it is...
Yes I can make it
I have no idea
May be
Yes, I forget his name
In a city
In a region
Yes,even a hospital
I have no clue
Every single time
Depends on her mood
Not all the time
Not really
Yes she like vanila cake and I bought in her every birthday.
Yes she likes candy and flowers
I'm not really sure
There is two persons but don't know which one is best.
Yes,It's a dog
Yes It's a cat
Yes It's a bird
I have no idea

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How Well Do I Know My Girl Friend?Quiz : Test Trivia

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