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What Type of Body Shape Do I Have?

What Type of Body Shape Do I Have?

Every man or woman has different body shape.There are different types of body shapes.Some of them are rectangle,triangle,oval,rectangle etc. Let's know yours and have fun.

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You May Get Result Of What Type of Body Shape Do I Have?

Your body is Oval shaped
Your body is Triangle shaped
Your body is Trapezoid shaped
Your body is Rectangle shaped

Quiz Questions And Answers

No I haven't
Yes I have
Actually not sure
Fatty Shoulder
Slim Shoulder
Slim shoulder and waist
Shoulder and Hips
Hips and waist
Shoulder and waist
Yes it is
No it isn't
Not sure
Different roles
Nick and Neck
Prints and Patterns
Yes I look slim
No I don't look slim
Yes it has
No it hasn't
Much more narrow
None of them

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What Type of Body Shape Do I Have? : Test Trivia

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