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Am i queer

Am i queer

It's very strange to find it out but you can give a try and figure it out are you a queer or how much queer you are. it might also happened that being queer is not means gay it's actually an abnormal it might happens that you are not having any feel for opposite gender for no reason but still if you want to know then this quiz is simply for you just answe the following question and find it out

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Extreme Delight/Crushies
She just forgot what she was going to say. No biggie
Good, cause that’s just gross.
You stand there with immense curiosity.
You run after her, getting her to stop. You ask her about it, and she just runs.
I will talk normally
I don't know
I will ignore him
Didn’t talk to them.
That they are being bitchy
To stop talking about her
Didn’t talk to them.
To run off.
To ask them what did they just say.
A fancy hat.
Anything black.
Law enforcement badge.
To be watched.
To bleed on your partner so they can feel your pain.
Full cavity strip search

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Am i queer : Test Trivia

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