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Am I Depressed? Quiz

Am I Depressed? Quiz

Feel tired all the time. Wanna cry om small things, Not want to do anything new. Love to remain alone. Keep thinking all the time..? If you do such things then maybe you are in depression. Yes you hear it right generally people suffer from depression not want to talk to anybody, get hurt on small things, just ignore people, avoid public gatherings.Depression occurs due to many reasons like something wrong happened with an individual any tragedy, may be when one loses its most beloved one then too depression occurs. Going to bed late nights can also lead to depression. Overthinking is also one of the major causes behind it. So let’s play this entertaining quiz and try to find out if you are really suffering from depression or it\'s just a misconception of your mind. So let us play! .depression is really a bad thing therefore we need to know we are depressed or not. So let\'s figure it out

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