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Biological Foundations/Scientific Method Quiz Test

Biological Foundations/Scientific Method Quiz Test

Biological Foundations/Scientific Method Quiz. Answer these questions and find out.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

The control group in any experiment is that group which:

is tested only once
is exposed to all conditions except the experimental condition
is exposed to all conditions in the experiment
should be a relatively small group to achieve viable results

Synthesis is considered to be one of several characteristics of living things. The best definition for this term is:

the ability to regulate metabolic activity
exponential degrading of radioactive materia
the formation of larger molecules from smaller ones
the breaking down of any molecule type

A valid hypothesis in any scientific experiment must be:

put in the form of a question
based on past valid experimentation

A hypothesis is:

a possible, tentative answer to a question
a theory
an accepted belief that has been tested
a false belief that must be tested

A theory is:

a re-creation of an event
an explanation for a phenomena that cannot be challenged
a plausible, scientifically accepted generalization
a questionable explanation for a natural phenomenon

If a hypothesis becomes a theory:

it will eventually become a law
it can actually lead to more experimentation
it means its anticipated results turned out as expected

Metabolic processes are:

those which alter homeostasis in an organism
only carried out at the "organ" level of an organism
the sum total of all anabolic and catabolic activities in an organism
only anabolic and at the "cellular" level

The purpose of a control in an experiment is to:

have a basis of comparison with the experimental group
alter the outcome, if necessary, in an experiment
have more subjects to test
show possible, alternative outcomes leading to alternative hypotheses

The organization of life is arranged according to a hierarchy of complexity. Which of the following outlines the correct hierarchy?

molecule, cell, tissue, organ system, organ
cell, molecule, tissue, organ, organ system
molecule, organ system, population, community, ecosystem
organ, organ system, ecosystem, population, community

Which of the following activities represent(s) characteristic(s) of life?

the ability to respond to environmental conditions
some form of reproduction, either asexual or sexual
all of the above

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Biological Foundations/Scientific Method Quiz Test : Test Trivia

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