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Plant Parts and Development Quiz Test

Plant Parts and Development Quiz Test

Plant Parts and Development Quiz. Answer these questions and find out.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What are the two basic growth modes during the life cycle of plants? Please check two.

vegetative growth
root growth
leaf growth

Where does the vegetative growth of the plant develop?

Above ground
Below ground

Why is root development important for overall plant development?

roots take in nutrients and water for the plant
roots determine the number of leaves that grow from the plant

Where in the soil are the greatest number of plant roots?

top 3 inches of soil
top 12 inches of soil
top 3 feet of soil
below 5 feet of soil

What is the purpose of stems?

to anchor the plant
to carry nutrients, food, and water to parts of the plant

The shape and the positioning of leaves is important for what purposes?

to anchor the plant
to create a balance for the plant to stand upright
to maximize the absorption of sunlight

What is the function of flowers in the production of seeds?

sexual reproduction
duplicating more seeds
storing seeds

Is plant development continuous or non-continuous?


What are three characteristics that plant AND animal development have in common? Check all that apply.

cells migrate during development

What is the definition of plant growth?

The process by which a plant increases in the size and number of leaves and stems.
The process by which a plant grows roots and begins to flower.

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Plant Parts and Development Quiz Test : Test Trivia

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