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How good is your girlfriend

How good is your girlfriend

If you are in a relationship and want to know how good your girl is for you then take this quick quiz.

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You May Get Result Of How good is your girlfriend

Our quiz shows that you have not made a good girlfriend. However, we suggest you should not leave her based on this quiz only. We can be wrong as well. This quiz is just an indication
Your partner is not bad but not good either. However, we think you deserve better.
Be loyal t her and thank God for having her.
You are so lucky and blessed! She is just perfect for you. Stick to her for your entire life.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Since how many years have you been in a relationship?

Less than 3 months
Less than a year
Less than 3 years
More than 3 years

How many relationships has she had before?

Her first relationship
Has had more than 1 and less than 3
More than 4
I have no idea at all

What is your first thought when u see her?

I feel aroused sexually
I feel relieved
I feel happy
I don't feel anything extraordinary

How much of her secrets does she share with you?

She tells me everything
She tells me a fair bit of things
She hides a lot
She does not involve me in her personal space at all

When you have an argument, does she come and apologize?

She always apologizes
She apologizes only when its her fault
She apologizes only sometimes
I am the one to apologize always

How Does she react when she feels you have made a wrong decision?

Always criticizes my decisions
Lets me take my decisions and does not interfere
Tries to convince me to think again
Forces me to change my decision

How many times have u caught her lying?

A few times
Quite often
I have never caught her but i suspect that she lies quite often

Does she listen keenly when u talk to her about the problems of your family?

She only pretends to listen
She listens keenly
She hates when i talk abt my family
She listens kennly and tries to help in whatever way she can

How does she react when you don't pick up her call?

It makes her angry
It makes her worried
She understands I might be busy
No reaction

Where does she like to kiss you?


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How good is your girlfriend : Test Trivia

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