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Saffron Barker quiz 2020!

Saffron Barker quiz 2020!

Updated saffron barker quiz! i love her!! Enjoy and Good luck!

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It's totally okay tho! Just watch her a bit more! You'll gow to become obsessed lols x
You must quite like her if you know that much so just keep watching her and giving her support! xox
Keep updated with her and well done for getting a high score so keep watchin her as shes amazing! have a nice day xoxo
Congrats you know a lot about saff! keep giving her the support she deserves! well done for doing absolutely great! have a lovely day xoxo

Quiz Questions And Answers

November 6th 2001
January 30th 2003
July 24th 2000
July 23rd 2000
TGI Fridays
Toby Carvery
Very mild
Lemon and Herb
Keira Bridget
Annastasia Kingsnorth
Kate and Mark
Casey and Nicole
Wendy and Darren

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Saffron Barker quiz 2020! : Test Trivia

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