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Geographical Information Systems Quiz.

Geographical Information Systems Quiz.

MCQs on Geographical Information Systems.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

GIS stands for

Geographic Information System
Generic Information System
Geological Information System
Geographic Information Sharing

GIS deals with which kind of data

Numeric data
Binary data
Spatial data
Complex data

Which of the following statements is true about the capabilities of GIS

Data capture and preparation
Data management, including storage and maintenance
Data manipulation and analysis
Data presentation
All of the above

By ‘spatial data’ we mean data that has

Complex values
Positional values
Graphic values
Decimal values

What is ‘Metadata’ ?

It is ‘ data about data’
It is ‘meteorological data’
It is ‘oceanic data’
It is ‘contour data’

Key components of ‘spatial data’ quality include

Positional accuracy
Temporal accuracy
Lineage and completeness
Logical consistency
All of the above

‘Spatial databases’ are also known as

Concurrent databases
None of the above

Examples of ‘continuous fields’ are

Air temperature
Barometric pressure
Soil salinity
All of the above

Which of the following is true about ‘Ordinal Data Values’

They are date values that can be put in some natural sequence but that do not allow any other type of computation
An example of Ordinal data value is classifying household income as ‘low’, ‘average’ or ‘high’
None of the above
Both ‘1’ & ‘2’

Interpolation is made possible by a principle called

Spatial Autocorrelation
Spatial auto-correction
Thematic Autocorrelation
Thematic auto-correction

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Geographical Information Systems Quiz. : Test Trivia

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