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Which Captain America Character Am I? | Quiz

Which Captain America Character Am I? | Quiz

Captain America is a Hollywood movie franchise produced by Marvel Studios under their banner and included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie series revolves around the life of a weakling turned super-soldier Captain America and how he turned out to be the first Avengers. The movie consists of several prominent characters of the (MCU). If you want to know which character are you from the famous series take this personality quiz now.

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Highly Skilled and Efficient you are the perfect secret agent a secret organisation can desire
Brave, Tough and a Total Badass. You know how to kick the butts of people who annoys you.
The friend who is always there in need. You are a true nationalist and knows what's best for the country.
Courageous, Righteous and Born Leader you love your country and people around you, they are your everything.

Quiz Questions And Answers

Army Officer
Secret Agent
Bounty Hunter
Air Force Pilot
Super strength
Ability to Fly
Martial arts skills
Robotic body parts
Fight him
Kick his ass
Let him beat you to make him realise what he is doing
I am the bad guy
If it is for the nation
It it is for to save a commarade
If it is for the team leader
I will look for another way
Help him in doing whatever it is
Do it only if it is right thing to do
Do it if there is a thrill in doing it
I don't do anything for anyone
Expose them
Be a part of it
Fight them
Follow the leader
Fight to protect yourself
Fight him and eliminate him first
Let him do it so he realises his mistake
Runaway and wait for someone else to help
If he is right
Will do whatever he needs
If he doesn't remember himself
If he is my best buddy
Try and protect him
Will even die protecting him
Save him at any cost
Will save him if he is my best friend
Kick his ass
Let him beat me
Join the bad guys
Make him realise who he really is
Try and resolve the conflict
Take the side of best friend
I won't choose anybody's side
Leave them to solve it on their own
To serve my country
To be a secret agent
To be able to fly
I don't know yet
Will surely do it
No, I trust my own instincts
I work for nobody
Follow the leader
If he is being stupid
If i don't remember who he is
No,I'll never do that
Just pretend to punch him

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Which Captain America Character Am I? | Quiz : Test Trivia

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