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Extinctions Quiz

Extinctions Quiz

MCQs on Extinctions

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The event must have occurred in a relatively short time frame.
The cause of the mass extinction must be obvious.
A significant part of life on Earth became extinct.
The extinction involves multiple lifeforms and is widespread.
Late Devonian
End Permian
End Triassic
End Permian
K-T boundary
M-C boundary
C-T boundary
X1-X2 boundary
Abrupt melting of glacial ice which floods a large area.
A meteorite explodes in the area and showers a large area with a fine dust of particulate matter.
A collapse of an unstable mountainous region which floods the area with rock deposits.
Volcanic eruptions along a fissure expelling large amounts of low-viscosity lava.
Poisonous methane gasses that are released after a volcanic eruption.
Methane gas released from a fissure after a large earthquake.
Bogs of methane that occur naturally on land.
Collections of frozen methane pockets that form on continental shelves under the oceans.
Terrestrial plants.
Freshwater tetrapods.
Small mammals.
Marine reef builders.
All small crustaceans became extinct.
Nearly all woodland plant species died out.
All bivalves were wiped out.
Most Gorgonopsians survived.
It creates more food for the surviving species.
It allows acceleration of the evolution of some species.
There are no benefits to mass extinctions.
Weak, less viable species are eliminated.

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