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Should You Marry Your Significant Other? Quiz

Should You Marry Your Significant Other? Quiz

Should You Marry Your Significant Other? Quiz Are you thinking of taking the next big step in your relationship? Are are wondering whether you should commit your life to the person you are currently dating? Before you say YES or pop that golden question, take this quiz to be triple sure.

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You May Get Result Of Should You Marry Your Significant Other? Quiz

We think you should re-consider marrying your significant other and consider other options.
Your significant other doesn't seem to be the right fit yet. Probably in a few years time they might be ready but there's no guarantee. You should hold on and consider all options.
Congrats. Your significant other seems like a real winner. What else are you waiting for? Get married!!
Congrats. Your significant other seems like a real winner. What else are you waiting for? Get married!!

Quiz Questions And Answers

Do you truly love this person?

I do
I think i do
The truth is, i'm not sure
Actually, i don't

Do you feel shame talking about your significant other around your friends?

No, never!

Why do you want to get married?

Because all of my friends are getting married!
I’ve been dreaming about my wedding since I was a child!
I’m ready to move onto the next phase of my life with my partner.

Your partner goes out for a night without you. How do you feel?

I get a little jealous, but I’m glad they’re having fun!
I don’t really care. We should be able to do our own things.

How often do you and your guy talk about the future? And how does the conversation go?

Frequently. We have a pretty good timeline of when we want things to happen.
Occasionally. We both want to get married and have children, we just don’t know when exactly.
I make a point not to talk about the future - I’m afraid it’ll scare him away!

When you two are cuddling, how do you feel?

So very, very happy and comfortable.
Nervous that it might be the last time.
We don’t really cuddle, we just have sex.

Close your eyes. And be honest! Where do you see yourself in two years?

Happily married to my partner, living in that dream house we talk about all the time.
Engaged to my partner and figuring out our next move together.
I’m not sure. Honestly I’m even hesitant to imagine it.

How often do you tell your partner“I love you"?

Almost everyday
On special occasions
I dont. They should already know.

You want to get a new pet. Do you discuss it with your partner first, or do you simply do it?

I’ll mention it, but the final decision is mine
We’ll sit down and have a proper discussion about it
Discuss? You must be kidding.

What are you most likely to fight about?

We have little arguments here and there.
We fight about almost everything! I’m getting annoyed just thinking about it.
We fight about movies, TV shows, and about spending quality time together.
Never. Everything is smooth.

How often do you tell your partner directly what you would like from them?

I try to be as straightforward as possible.
Never. They should just know!
Sometimes. But it means more when my partner knows what I want without me having to tell them.

You're fighting with your partner. Which of these sentences is most likely to come out of your mouth?

Do you even care about me?!
I don’t get you sometimes.
It really hurts me when you do that.

Do you kiss hello and goodbye when you see your partner?

Every single day.
Pretty often. Sometimes we forget.
Uh, that’s really cheesy.

Do you feel like there are things that your partner should change?

Definitely! Improvement is part of any relationship right?
There are some things that bother me, and I’ve mentioned them before.
There are things about my partner that annoy me, but they’re only going to change if they want to.

Should you marry your significant other?


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