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How Grumpy Are You? Quiz

How Grumpy Are You? Quiz

How Grumpy Are You? Quiz Do you often get annoyed, angered or complain often? There are all kinds of reasons for feeling grumpy: maybe you’re tired or annoyed or you have a headache. Take this quiz and we'll tell you how grumpy you are.

Grumpy is bad-tempered and irritable. So people want to know their grumpy status, Most of them think they are not grumpy but in reality yes they are... SO play this quiz for fun and find out your status. This is best quiz for grumpy. People enjoy to play this quiz because every question of this quiz is related to grumpy or you can say testing your bad temp. Some people say you can reduce your grumpy status via doing below things

Figure out the source. ... Reduce caffeine and alcohol. ... It's often the little things. ... Get in touch with your compassion. ... Gain perspective. ... Rid yourself of nervous energy. ... Get quiet or alone time

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Quiz Questions And Answers

First, "grumpy" means what?

Are you seriously asking me?

Have you called someone "stupid" or any cuss word today?

Yes, they deserved it
I almost did
Nahh, i try to keep my cool oftentimes

There's a group of kids running around on your lawn. You...

Yell at them
Shoo them off politely
Call their parents
Ignore them

You are woken up by your neighbor's loud music, you feel like...

Tearing off his or her ears and feeding it to the dogs
Tongue lashing the hell outta him or her
Oh! Not again.

Do you often call people out on their sh**?

Hell yeah

Are you willing to fight for your rights?


How often do you get into a bar fight?

As often as someone tries to be stupid
Once in a while there's need to put people in their place

Do you respect other people's opinions?


How often do you have guests over?

Occasionally, if I'm in the mood
Very often, i love company
Never, they ruin my stuff

Kids are...

Innocent and sweet
Gullible and annoying

Someone stands too close to you in the elevator... [How Grumpy Are You? Quiz]

I'll move away as far as possible
It doesn't matter. I'll be out soon anyway.

Could you miss a new episode of your favorite TV show this week and not freak out? [How Grumpy Are You? Quiz]

Only if i'm doing something more important
Hell no! No! No!
Oh well, i can ask a friend to gist me what i missed

Your neighbors are screaming... [How Grumpy Are You? Quiz]

I tell them to quit it
I wait a while to see if they'll stop
I'll turn up my music

You're eating outside and a bird lands on your chair... [How Grumpy Are You? Quiz]

What a fascinating creature
Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

How often do people tell you to stop being grumpy? [How Grumpy Are You? Quiz]

Very often

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How Grumpy Are You? Quiz : Test Trivia

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