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Which Of The Sense8 Characters Is My Soulmate? Quiz

Which Of The Sense8 Characters Is My Soulmate? Quiz If nothing else, Sense8 taught us that love transcends boundaries and connects unexpected people. Take this quiz and find out which of the Sense8 characters is your soulmate.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Listen to music and relax
Read a good book
Spend time with my family
Party and hangout with friends
Stay up all night talking
Stay up all night doing something naughty
It's complicated
I’m afraid to be myself if it upsets others
I always act on my emotions and never take the time to consider those around me
I am undiplomatic and raw
Sometimes i'm inconsiderate and selfish
I don’t always think about the consequences of my actions and just follow my heart
More introverted
More extroverted
I don't know yet
I always want to "save" my partner
I’m willing to sacrifice parts of myself to be with the person I love
I get jealous when i see them having a nice time with others
Oftentimes i nag a lot
Yes, no man is an island of knowledge.
Sometimes, but oftentimes i'd rather not
I don't like bothering people with my problems
It's pointless to keep trying
I believe where there's a will there's a way.
It actually depends on the situation at hand.

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Which Of The Sense8 Characters Is My Soulmate? Quiz : Test Trivia

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