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How Rude Are You In Real Life? Quiz

How Rude Are You In Real Life? Quiz

How Rude Are You In Real Life? Quiz It is easy to find fault in others but to find faults in ourselves, that's a lot of work. Our society has become increasingly casual to the point where some view politeness has an "old school" thing. This quiz is a manners check.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Only a few times
Sometimes. But my reasons are genuine.
I rarely do that. Only when there's an emergency.
I'm always on time. I don't like my time being wasted so i don't waste others time.
Of course, after all we are friends.
I do that once in a while
Nahhh... I always show up with a bottle of wine or something
Kindly offer her my seat. She needs it more than I do.
Nothing. She probably doesn't want a seat anywhere, if not she would have boarded earlier.
Oh well, if they're speaking nonsense
I do that only when i don't agree with there line of thought
Lol, yeah.
Nahh, i've got better things to do.
There's nothing wrong in doing that.
Once in a while. We can't always speak the truth.
A lie is a lie. Whether white or black.
Say "sorry" or "bless you"
Give the person a bad stare for not moving away
Mutter some inaudible words. Does he or she want to infect me?
Yes, I’m starving!
I wait until everyone is served, or until I’m given permission to start.
I'll start if the other person also starts
Hit the “unfriend” button. I don’t need people like that.
Write a comment saying how wrong they are.
Send a private message to discuss.
Hold the door, obviously.
Ask if they need help with the door.
Carry on as normal. They can still open the door by themselves.
Only when they act stupid
I don't do that.
Answer it, duh.
Put it on silent. I can call them back.
See who’s calling and quietly leave the room to answer if it’s important.
Never, that's rude
Hell yeah, i have rights too.

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How Rude Are You In Real Life? Quiz : Test Trivia

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