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Which Yandere Simulator Rival Are You? Quiz

Which Yandere Simulator Rival Are You? Quiz

Which Yandere Simulator Rival Are You? Quiz Rivals the main antagonists of Yandere Simulator. They are the most important people to eliminate, as they all have a crush on Senpai. This quiz is to see what rival you would be if you were in the game. Introducing a brand new quiz called Which Yandere Simulator Rival Are You? Perhaps all the gamers out there already knew about the video game Yandere Simulator which is currently in development by YandereDev.

Yandere Simulator is an indie stealth action video game developed and published by YandereDev. The game is set in a Japanese high school and follows a female student named Ayano Aishi, who is known as "Yandere-chan". The goal of the game is to win the love and affection of a boy in her class, but the player must eliminate any rivals who may interfere with her goal. The game is known for its violence and mature themes, and is still in development.

What Yandere Simulator Rival Are You? Quiz 

Basically, Rivals are the main antagonists of Yandere Simulator. The Yandere Simulator game centers upon an obsessively lovesick schoolgirl called Ayano Aishi, She is also known as "Yandere-chan” who has a crush on her classmate Taro Yamada who is another central character in this game. When the gameplay progresses other students will try to make a relationship with Taro Yamada but the main character Ayano must stop them from doing so. Pretty interesting game story, right! The purpose of this quiz is to spend some quality time and make some fun by expressing yourself as your favorite Yandere Simulator Rival. This quiz set will ask you some basic questions regarding the character of Yandere Simulator such as their personality, actions, feelings, and priorities. The task is quite simple you just need to answer some easy questions and then the quiz will compare your choice with a rival which reflects your character. The full version of Yandere Simulator will contain many rivals. Let’s take a look at the question and play the quiz one by one it will take you to the result section where you will find yourself as a Yandere Simulator Rival. Except for Ayano Aishi and Taro Yamada, there are some other rivals like Taeko Yamada, Osana Najimi. So, find yourself out now!. .. The rivals are the main antagonists of the Yandere simulator, and they appear every week. A player has to ensure that they eliminate them as they have a crush on Senpai. Which of the ten rivals do you think you are? Take up the quiz and see the one you are more like.

Quiz: Yandere Simulator Rivals List

Here is a list of the confirmed rivals in Yandere Simulator along with a brief explanation of each:

  1. Osana Najimi - A childhood friend of the protagonist, Ayano Aishi. Osana is the first rival to be introduced in the game and is known for her kindness and popularity.

  2. Amai Odayaka - A student who is known for her love of sweets and her calm demeanor. She has a crush on the student council president.

  3. Kizana Sunobu - The leader of the drama club who is popular among the students. She has a sharp tongue and is not afraid to speak her mind.

  4. Mei Mio - A transfer student from abroad who is proficient in martial arts. She is mysterious and distant, but many students are drawn to her.

  5. Kokona Haruka - A student who is struggling with her home life. She is known for her kindness and is often bullied by her classmates.

  6. Saki Miyu - A talented musician who is the rival of the music club president.

  7. Taro Yamada - A delinquent student who is feared by his classmates. He is the rival of Budo Masuta, the martial arts club president.

  8. Budo Masuta - The martial arts club president who is known for his strength and bravery. He is the rival of Taro Yamada, the delinquent student.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

What is your favorite colour?


Are you shy?


Are you outspoken?


What is your favorite thing?

Helping people

What's your favorite sport?

Eww sports makes me sweaty

Do you like cooking?


What would you do if someone fell over?

Call the nurse

Do you find yourself attractive?


Can you tell your crush you love him?


What do you wanna be when you are older? [Yandere Simulator Rival Quiz]

Sports person

Do you have a pet? [Yandere Simulator Rival Quiz]


Do you currently have a crush on someone? [Yandere Simulator Rival Quiz]


Are you kind? [Yandere Simulator Rival Quiz]


Do you have a "bestfriend"? [Yandere Simulator Rival Quiz]


Pick one.... [Yandere Simulator Rival Quiz]

BAKA I'm osana yay idk
Answer By: -.-
Answer On: 09-May-2020
Osana najimi
Answer By: :D master
Answer On: 09-Jan-2020
Ich hasse aMai und ich habe was ganz anderes angeklickt
Answer By: Latifa
Answer On: 24-Dec-2019
I'm basically anything but Osana-
Answer By: Lilly
Answer On: 07-Dec-2019
Answer By: amira
Answer On: 06-Oct-2019

Which Yandere Simulator Rival Are You? Quiz : Test Trivia

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