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What Horse Breed Am I? Quiz

What Horse Breed Am I? Quiz There are so many horse breeds. All of which are unique in their own ways and characters. What breed of horse are you? Take this quiz and find out.

Horses are symbol of strength and courage from ancient times. There are hundreds of breeds of horses having unique traits and qualities. So what characteristics do you have to resemble yourself to the Special horse breed? Your personality is a set of different features that may resemble to some horse breed. Finding out which breed of horse you are really may be the way to sum up your personality. One type of the horse breed is American Quarter Horse, which is known as the fastest breed over short distance. One other very famous breed of horse is Arabian horse and is known for its spirit and strength. The Thoroughbred breed is famous for high speed and known as sports horses. The Percheron horse is the 4th largest horse breed and is famous for immense power and tall height. The Dutch draft horse is a heavier breed and famous for its majestic appearance and beauty. There is another breed called The Tennessee Walker which is known for its long riding abilities and was used by many Civil War Generals. The Morgan horse breed is considered one of the oldest breed developed in United States of America. They are small in height but the strength they endure is much bigger than their bodies. Every horse breed comes with many traits and abilities just like human being. So which horse breed are you? What are the similar qualities that fits you in specific horse breed? To find out an answer, take this quiz honestly and find out.

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What Horse Breed Am I? Quiz : Test Trivia

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