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Captain America The First Avenger Movie Quiz

Captain America The First Avenger Movie Quiz

Steve Rogers is a brave and courageous man whose only aim is to sever his country and fight against the nazi in World War 2 but due to his physical disabilities he can not join the arym but his life takes a turn when he is introduced to the supersoldier program and he is the test subject. He is injected with the supersoldier serum which grants him

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Captain America's real name is?

James Rhodes
Bucky Barnes
Tony Stark
Steve Rogers

The only dream of Captain's life was?

To be a police officer
To be a supersoldier
To be an army officer and serve his country
To be a scientist

Who is Captain's best friend?

Howard Stark
Bucky Barnes
Chester Phillips
Dr Abraham

He got his superpowers from

Lightning strike
Supersoldier serum
Regressive training

In the movie, he was fighting against which organization?


Hydra was a subdivision under the control of?

United Nations
World Bank
U.S Government

What is Captain's superpower?

Superhuman strength
Heat vision
He can control fire
He can manipulate time

After the experiment before joining the army what he used to do?

He used to work in a bank
He used to work as an advertisement model
He was a businessman
He was a politician

Which object was Red Skull using as fuel?

The soul stone
The time stone
Loki's wand
The tesseract

Which object is carried by Captain to protect him and to be used as a weapon?


Captain's shield is made up of which material?

Alloy of titanium and steel
Pure Titanium

Who gave Captain his shield?

Peggy Carter
Nick Fury
Dr. Abraham
Howard Stark

Captain and his team attacked the train and captured?

Nick Fury
Arnim Zola
Peggy Carter
Red Skull

Who died while raiding the train to capture Zola?

Dum Dum Dugan
Bucky Barnes
Gabe Jones
Peggy Carter

How did he save the world?

He burried the bomb
He disarmed the bomb
He crashed the plane carrying the nuclear weapons in the arctic
He took the bomb to space

The last person captain talked to before crashing the plane?

Bucky Barnes
Nick Fury
Peggy Carter
Howard stark

Who was the failed subject of supersoldier project?

Red Skull
Bucky Barnes
Chester Phillip
Captain America?

What happened to Red Skull in the end?

He runaway
He touched the tesseract and vaporised
He shot himself
He surrendered

Captain America is often known as which avenger

The Lead Avenger
The Best Avenger
The Greatest avenger
The First Avenger

When Captain finally wakes up he finds that he was in a coma for how many years?

75 Years
70 Years
60 Years
65 Years

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Captain America The First Avenger Movie Quiz : Test Trivia

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