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Desertification QUiz

Desertification QUiz

MCQs on Desertification

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Quiz Questions And Answers

A city in Arizona.
The degradation of Land so it can no longer support human life.
The process of becoming desert (as from land management or climate change).
New legislation some politicians are proposing.
Soil erosion.
Nomadic peoples.
Conservation of water.
Wind erosion.
Indigenous peoples.
United States citizens.
Politicians and Lobbyists.
All these groups are affected by Desertification.
Satellite monitoring.
Terracing steep hill slopes.
Laws mandating irrigation practices at certain times.
Eliminate all deserts.
To implement action programs.
Restrict farmers from properly irrigating their crops.
To promote world peace.
All these answers are correct.
Take part in the activities of conservation groups.
Bring overgrazing and land mismanagement to the attention of the Directorate of Resource Conservation.
Become better educated on the subject.
Call your local Senator.
All these answers are correct.
Indigenous peoples.
All these groups are affected by Desertification.
United States citizens.

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