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Which 'Money Heist' Character Am I? Quiz

Netflix's one of the most popular show 'Money Heist'. This drama has received a huge appreciation from the audience and crazy fan following. If you loved 'Money Heist' take this personality quiz and find out with which character of this show your are most closely associated with and don't forget to share the result.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Leave the money behind
Party in every metropolis
Explore the world
Save for the family
Team Leader
Mastermind Planner
Weapon Wielder
The Backup Support
Shoot one in the leg
Tell them to shut up and remain silent
Tie them away from each other
Question them thoroughly to know what's going on
Strictly formal
Retire, away from people
Settle down with family
Plan another heist during the vacation
Party a lot
The commander
The affirmative
The passionate
The coach
Trust your instincts
Trust your experience
Make a proper plan to deal with the situation
Follow the commands
To seize power from the leader
If someone betrays you
If the leader commands to do so
Will never harm someone intentionally
If I care enough for them
Will try to look for other way around
If it is the last resort
If it is necessary for their survival
If it is utterly necessary
Yes, if it is for protecting them
If they displease me
Follow the commands of the planner
Follow the leader
Trust your own instincts
I am the commander
Look for a plan to get away from the police
Proceed as planned by the planner
Police can not catch me
Manipulate them through negotiations
Implement your own idea in it
The whole project is my idea
I am responsible for proper execution of the project
Will follow the instructions
Manipulate the police
Engage in gun fire
Ask the commander what to do
Look for plan 'B'
No mask needed
Appropriate mask is necessary
Mask means a great deal
Any mask will do
Revolt and seize power
Will follow the leader
Trust the planner
I am the planner i make no wrong decisions
In a stolen police vehicle
Dig a tunnel
In a helicopter
Smartly use the crowd to conceal the identity

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Which 'Money Heist' Character Am I? Quiz : Test Trivia

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